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Discover the latest innovation in storage: the high-quality ceiling-mounted clothes rail made of sturdy black, gold and copper tubing. Stylish and modern, this rod is the perfect addition to your bedroom or dressing room. With the possibility of ceiling mounting, you save space and still have enough space for your clothes. The industrial look in black, gold and copper adds a classy touch to your room and suits any interior style. Visit our online shop and order your new cane clothes rail today.

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What are ceiling mounted clothes rails used for?

Ceiling mounted clothes rails are used to hang clothes without taking up much space in a room. They are attached to the ceiling, giving you more space on the floor and in closets. They are particularly useful in bedrooms and dressing rooms, as well as in small apartments and houses.

From what material should

ceiling clothes rails exist?

Ceiling clothes rails should be made of robust materials such as steel, aluminum or stainless steel, as they are stable and durable and have a high resilience. They can also be made of wood or plastic, but these materials are usually not as durable and stable. It is important that the material is also corrosion resistant as the pole can be mounted in a damp room like the bathroom.

How are hanging clothes rails installed?

Hanging clothes rails are usually attached to the ceiling with screws and dowels. It is important that the attachment points are strong and strong enough to support the load of the bar and the clothes hanging from it. Some models can also be mounted with special ceiling mounts. It is recommended to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions and seek professional help if necessary.

Can I change the length of the clothes rail?

Some design ceiling mounted clothes rails are adjustable and can be adjusted in length to suit user's needs. However, other models are fixed in length and cannot be changed. It is important to check before purchasing if the desired length of bar is available or if it is adjustable. It is also important to consider the maximum load capacity of the rod to ensure it is suitable for the number and type of garments to be hung.

Are there cloakroom rails in different colors and designs?

Yes, there are designer ceiling mounted clothes rails in a variety of colors and designs. From modern and minimalist poles in plain white or black to more striking and colorful poles in gold, copper or even wood look. There are also different finishes and textures available. So there is the right rod for every furnishing style.

Are there special features or additional functions for clothes rails for the ceiling?

Yes, there are designer clothes rails for ceiling mounting with special features or additional functions such as illuminated rails that also serve as room lighting or rails with integrated shelves or hanging devices for jewelry or accessories. There are also bars equipped with special mounts for shoes or bags. It's worth comparing the different options to find the best pole for your needs.

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